Every spring is a new experience

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All things are new each spring.  Birds sing, the grass grows, and we have baby calves.  It was a little naive of me to think that spring planting happened like clockwork, just like the rest of the things we expect to happen each spring. The spring of 2014 is a completely different story than 2013, and that’s a good thing.  Planting the crop last year was a complete struggle.  April was a very rainy month.  We would have a couple of days of planting, then a week when fields were too wet.  This happened until early June.  We got the corn...

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Life is Simpler When You Plow Around the Stump

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I heard that “old farmer saying” at my recent Cultivating Master Farmers meeting in Springfield.  I’m really enjoying this group.  There are about 15 of us in the CMF class, and several Master Farmers.  The Prairie Farmer Master Farmer award is a grassroots program that recognizes outstanding agricultural producers and community members. My class members and I have the opportunity to network with and learn from the Master Farmers. Yesterday’s meeting started with “speed dating.”  We had 15 minutes where we...

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Small steps the week of the big 3-0

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I’m going to be 30 on Friday.  I have mixed feelings about it actually.  Denny (Dad’s good friend) tells me that he thought life was over when he turned 30.  He did, however, say that 40, 50, and 60 are great. What I have done since I turned 20?  Sometimes I feel like I haven’t done something that I needed to accomplish.  I’m thinking big, grandiose things, like get married and have kids, writing a book, inventing something, or developing some life changing thing, whatever that may be!  Today at breakfast, Mom and Dad...

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The not-so-exciting side of farming

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I’ve spent a good amount of time this winter working on what most farmers say is the not-so-exciting side of the farm business- office work.  To me, this part can be more fun than some of the outside stuff.  It’s definitely more fun than working ground, which I avoid at all cost. ( If you talk to Justin, he says I have the easy jobs anyway and he always has to do the hard stuff like building fence, cleaning grain bins, grinding hay, etc.  That’s another story for a different post).  I can’t compare office work to...

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What do you think of our 2014 theme?

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2014 Farm Theme: Trim the Fat Since I’ve been back at the farm, I’ve decided that we need a theme for each new calendar year.  Dad and Justin roll their eyes at me each time I bring up a prospect of a theme, but I don’t mind.  My old company had a theme for each sales season.  That theme stuck around all year, and my actions were based off that theme. My inaugural theme in 2013 was “Simplify.”  We made several changes in 2013.  See the blog about it here:...

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