Is farming a closed network?

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I started 2015 with this thought:  I need to read more.  This means more farm magazines and newspapers, and not skipping over the uninteresting parts like usual.  I typically read the marketing, succession planning, and strategy parts, and then throw what I am reading back on top of the pile of magazines, seed pamphlets, and ration sheets on the shop table. Today, I read this article in Forbes that a friend shared on Facebook.  It is an article about Steve Jobs and the best predictor of career success.  It says that a study has shown that an...

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Thoughts on the Farm Futures conference

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I spent Tuesday through Thursday of this week in St. Louis at the Farm Futures Financial Bootcamp and Summit.  The first day was all about finance, the second and third days were all about business and management on the farm.  The conference was great, and I can’t possibly explain it in entirety in one blog post.   Tuesday was full of finance.  We covered record keeping, reports, and management decisions we make regarding financial reports.  Finance is a huge part of agriculture. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it...

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Thanksgiving until now

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Is it just me, or did 2015 arrive too fast?  I haven’t had enough thinking time to come up with a 2015 theme for the farm.  It seems like I usually have some time to corner Dad and Justin and come up with a theme for each year.  The 2015 theme is to-be-determined. I went to see Lydia, Dan, Lorena, and Ida for Thanksgiving.  It was nice to visit Kansas for a few days.  It’s a beautiful state.  The weekend after Thanksgiving was a new experience for me.  It was the second shotgun season for deer hunting.  It is a big hobby around...

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Day 11: Change

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It’s Day 11 of my blogging challenge, and this one is about change.  I have learned that we must constantly learn, grow, adapt, and change in our business.  It may appear that a farmer simply plants, harvest, tills, feeds cattle, bales hay, etc.  However, the way we do these things changes every season or even day.  We try different methods of tilling, cattle feed rations, seed, and more, all in an attempt to find the best way of doing that particular task. We had a great conversation about trying new things, success, failure, and...

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Day 8: What do we do after harvest?

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Since I’ve been back farming, I’ve been asked numerous times about what we do after harvest.  Harvest took about 7 weeks this year.  We were all hands on deck at that time, running the combine, grain carts, trucking, and still feeding the cattle.  We do have a bit of a breather now that harvest is over.  The end of harvest is really the beginning of the next crop year.  In terms of crops, we are starting to make seed decisions, working on tillage equipment, doing fall tillage work, and deciding our mix of crops and fertilizer for...

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