Pre-harvest 2014 blog #1

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It’s mid-August on the farm.  We hosted the family reunion for Mom’s side of the family on Sunday.  We take several days before the reunion and prepare.  I spent a good two days cleaning the shop.  Justin and Blane helped me a lot with junking some metal we had around the farm.  I’m thankful that we do have the reunion because it gives us a reason to clean up the shop! We hosted the CGB Naples elevator and Diversified Services groups on a crop tour today.  They brought their on staff agronomist to look at crops in Greene...

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I took a vacation!  Many farmers don’t take vacations.  My dad is one of them.  Every now and then, he and Mom go to visit Lydia in Kansas.  Mom and Dad just don’t like going places.  I, on the other hand, like to get away at least once a year.  We have some great help on the farm, and I’m thankful I can go places during our slower times. Last week I did my RAGBRAI vacation.  RAGBRAI is the Des Moines Register Great Bike Ride Across Iowa.  I got into road biking and met some cool people when I used to live in Iowa.  RAGBRAI...

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All about Dad post

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Father’s Day was Sunday.  I didn’t even send a card to Dad… I messed up there.  I went to see Lydia last Friday and stayed over the weekend.  I had a really great time visiting Lorena and the new baby Ida that I forgot to even call Dad on Sunday. Dates are really difficult for me to remember now that I’m at home.  In my previous life (corporate world), we had company holidays and such, and I had weekends to travel places.  Now, dates that I have in my calendar are planting, hay season, and harvest, among other farming...

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June 2014 on the farm

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It’s June already!  I’m not sure where the time has gone and it’s been 6 weeks since my last post.  I’m thinking about what to write on this blog, and a “hodge podge” of things come to mind.  However, it’s true, we have been doing numerous different activities on the farm since my last post. We finished planting both corn and beans in mid-May.  Justin has been hauling several loads of hay to eastern IL and northwest IN, and he says that the crops there don’t look nearly as good as the crops...

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Every spring is a new experience

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All things are new each spring.  Birds sing, the grass grows, and we have baby calves.  It was a little naive of me to think that spring planting happened like clockwork, just like the rest of the things we expect to happen each spring. The spring of 2014 is a completely different story than 2013, and that’s a good thing.  Planting the crop last year was a complete struggle.  April was a very rainy month.  We would have a couple of days of planting, then a week when fields were too wet.  This happened until early June.  We got the corn...

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