Second harvest update 2014

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Good evening everyone!  It has rained so I have a little time to blog tonight. We had a really great two weeks of harvesting corn.  Things progressed well, despite a few minor machinery breakdowns.  We also started soybean harvest. The major topic in the neighborhood right now is the amount of rain and field conditions.  We had around 5 inches last Thursday, and it has been cooler and rainy since that time.  Sometimes I have to pinch myself, as I forget how important the weather is to a farmer’s career.  Everything we do in a day is...

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First harvest update 2014

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We have had 2 full weeks of harvest! It’s been a long two weeks on the farm. We have been harvesting corn, but also shipping out cattle and baling hay. We are a little strung out in terms of man (or woman) power. I’ve been running the combine, Uncle Danny has been running the grain cart, and Justin has been hauling grain. Dad and Charlie have been keeping up with the hay. Two big topics have come to mind this harvest. The first is better than average yields, and the second is the steep decline in commodity prices. First, we have...

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Labor Day on the farm

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Corn harvest is about 10-14 days from today.  We have had some wet weather, so the corn hasn’t dried down like it typically does this time of year.  The corn is around 28% moisture.  It’s not the best idea to harvest corn at this moisture to take to the elevator, as high moisture discounts are expensive.  We can put 21% moisture corn in the bins and turn on the fans, and the corn is fine.  The corn should dry half of a percentage point per day. Today is Labor Day!  According to Wikipedia, Labor Day is celebrated on the first...

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Pre-harvest 2014 blog #1

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It’s mid-August on the farm.  We hosted the family reunion for Mom’s side of the family on Sunday.  We take several days before the reunion and prepare.  I spent a good two days cleaning the shop.  Justin and Blane helped me a lot with junking some metal we had around the farm.  I’m thankful that we do have the reunion because it gives us a reason to clean up the shop! We hosted the CGB Naples elevator and Diversified Services groups on a crop tour today.  They brought their on staff agronomist to look at crops in Greene...

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I took a vacation!  Many farmers don’t take vacations.  My dad is one of them.  Every now and then, he and Mom go to visit Lydia in Kansas.  Mom and Dad just don’t like going places.  I, on the other hand, like to get away at least once a year.  We have some great help on the farm, and I’m thankful I can go places during our slower times. Last week I did my RAGBRAI vacation.  RAGBRAI is the Des Moines Register Great Bike Ride Across Iowa.  I got into road biking and met some cool people when I used to live in Iowa.  RAGBRAI...

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